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We Have Moved

BusTech (QLD) is now located at:
1543 Ipswich Road,
Rocklea, Queensland 4106

We provide integrated transit solutions that enable the next generation of zero-emissions connected vehicles and infrastructure

Our Vision

To enable the next generation of connected transit

Our Purpose

To create a more sustainable environment and economy through the deployment of zero-emissions vehicles

Our Personality

The bus company designed for a connected world

Connected Mobility

We are an Australian company delivering mobility solutions for a connected world. We work with our partners to create integrated transit solutions, enabled by technology. We believe buses are at the heart of any intelligent transport; delivering a user-centric, connected experience that makes public transport an active choice.

Our modular architecture has been designed to support mixed powertrain fleet operations, with a focus on interior design with ergonomics and comfort.

Supported by integrated passenger information and infotainment capability, it’s the BusTech Group’s advanced technology capabilities that enables the delivery of  connectivity to our customers. This connectivity is centred on delivering solutions that help bring vehicle networks together via telematics, passengers together via on-board communication and operators together with their passengers via smart scheduling.

Innovation by Design

Putting buses at the heart of a connected world

Our philosophy is to strive for continued optimised design efficiency. This is considered in vehicle architecture and product services along with features, and the continued evaluation of business model efficiency.

We believe that the mass transit industry is at the start of a transition phase not only in zero emissions products but also in the experiential expectations of patrons and service providers.

As we move to enabled smart cities, our products will play their role in a connected environment supporting both product utility and efficiency and service delivery satisfaction. Our role is to deliver sustainable products that mitigate the environmental impact in manufacture, operation and end-of-life_cycle.

Zero Emission

We believe our changing transport needs require innovative solutions. That’s why we are pioneering the creation of a zero-emissions bus future in Australia, enabling our clients to seamlessly transition to one of several decarbonised solutions.

By assisting state governments to achieve their 2050 net zero emissions goal, this journey lowers the total cost of ownership for our clients while building cleaner, more connected communities for all Australians.

Our focus on zero emissions buses forms part of our Technology, Innovation and Sustainability Roadmap. We collaborate with our customers so they can select their preferred technology outcomes, while maintaining and growing local jobs and increasing economic benefits.

Advanced Manufacturing

Based in Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania with new ‘micro factories’ opening in NSW and Victoria, we are Australia’s largest independent bus manufacturer, with over 3,000 vehicles currently on road and a capacity to design and build over 500 new vehicles annually in Australia.

We create manufacturing facilities that are technology focused. Our overall strategy is built on the concept of micro factories activated on a  state by state basis, attracting complementary businesses that form part of an industry 4.0 Manufacturing Hub and work together on advanced mobility projects. Intelligent products requires an intelligent manufacturing system.

Our manufacturing culture is set by operational staff, requiring engaged technical specialists aligned to low-volume manufacture of complex products.

We support the In-house manufacturing of parts and components where practicable to control manufacturing process, reduce risk and increase local employment.

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business. All our buses are manufactured in Australia. Moreover, with over 95% Australian supplied components and material, BusTech Group is proud to create and support significant employment opportunities for Australians in design, engineering, research and manufacturing.

BusTech Group has invested in the development of proprietary capability in the manufacture of lightweight structures which can be integrated with a rolling chassis and further adapted to create an integrated monocoque platform designed for both diesel and zero emission buses.

Our focus ensures we deliver advanced vehicle design to include interior and exterior design changes and driveline evolution, vehicle operation to maximise data capture and operational efficiencies, customer engagement to provide tools to increase patronage and deliver alternative revenue generative opportunities, and customer comfort to provide an environment that fosters engagement and increase passenger volumes.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We seek an active role in accelerating the creation of new mass transport solutions to support Australian state governments’ commitments to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is designed to enhance our positive impact on our businesses through lowered total cost of ownership, and on the wider community through more sustainable economic development.

Quality & Risk Management

Quality and Risk Management

We are proud of our reputation for the manufacture and delivery of the buses to both private and government clients.

We manufacture our buses using best-practice quality, safety, environmental and risk management systems independently accredited to relevant Australian and international standards.

BusTech Group is committed to implementing appropriate Quality, Safety and Environmental and Risk Management processes within the organisation. Management ensures these policies and processes are implemented and maintained whilst all employees across the organisation are responsible and committed to compliance with the processes in place.

We have established risk management procedures and processes in place to ensure business threats, hazards and risks are identified and minimised or eliminated, and we are certified under ISO 4801, IS0 9001 and ISO 14001.


Beyond process, we believe quality is an attitude and we have a total quality ethos, working with our customers every day to ensure the highest adherence to specification and maximum satisfaction upon at delivery – and beyond. For us, vehicle delivery marks the start, not the end, of a journey with our clients and our aftermarket team are committed to support ongoing operations and relationships across Australia and internationally.