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Aftermarket care

Our BusTech Aftermarket Care approach means our commitment to quality doesn’t end when a customer receives their vehicle, but extends across the operational life cycle. We pride ourselves on attention to detail from bumper to bumper and once a vehicle leaves our facility, we strive to ensure it retains the highest quality, performance standard and aesthetics. Repair facilities are based at our facilities in Queensland and South Australia, where the team who designed the bus, manufactured the bus and finished the bus are all on hand to provide ongoing advice, repairs, maintenance, service and modifications. We also have dedicated facility trained mobile field service technicians in New South Wales and Tasmania as well as authorised repair agents in all other states and territories to ensure that your bus will receive full factory-supplied support anywhere in the country

We are committed to providing market-leading service, parts support and customer satisfaction. We can also create service programs that are bespoke to the needs of our customers. No one customer is the same and we have designed a number of bespoke programs to suit customers’ needs and requirements.

Care and Training

Aftermarket care

BusTech Group works with its customers to ensure that the appropriate requirements are made to enable a timely and value-for-money spare parts solution that includes the option of a bonded store at a customer’s site. Where parts are updated as a result of obsolescence or design modification, BusTech Group updates customers and provides revised solutions as appropriate.

With mobile technicians in every state we offer full service, maintenance and after-sales capability to support the transition to zero-emissions bus fleet technology. With full technical, engineering and service delivery capability in Australia, we provide local support for all battery and fuel-cell solutions.

BusTech Group can provide engineering and remote diagnostics support in relation to its integrated product. Our buses are becoming increasingly connected, enabling data capture and analysis and an enhanced ability to manage wear and tear based on predictive replacement schedules to minimise downtime and optimise fleet performance. We are working with all of our partners on sourcing the most up-to-date and technologically advanced software and hardware solutions in mass mobility in Australia that are then integrated and managed on a single platform by our software developers and engineers.

We offer a 25-year warranty on all bus bodies and pass on all supplier warranties to our customers.

Our facilities are well placed to undertake repair and maintenance work on any bus, irrespective of whether we have manufactured the bus or not. Each facility contains a full design, engineering and manufacturing capability and a paint shop to ensure all works are managed and retained in house to ensure the service delivery is managed and optimised.


We have developed and implemented training programs that have been utilised for various customers in relation to delivering our integrated body and chassis variants. We tailor each program specifically to the requirement of a customer through workshops. This will become increasingly important as we transition to zero-emissions powertrains.

Driver training can be incorporated into general training programs. This will become increasingly important on new technology buses to assist with general operation, safety systems and fuel-efficient driving.

BusTech Group is a technology-focused group. We are continually investing in R&D and working with new partners to introduce new technology advancements. We will work with suppliers of the technology to generate the required training programs that the introduction of these new technologies requires. The training requirement will form part of the broader proposed gateway process that the BusTech Group and any supplier of the technological solution and the customer will mutually agree to in accordance with prescribed approval processes.