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Why Bustech

Who owns Bustech Group?

BusTech Group is 100% owned by Fusion Capital, a private equity group based in Adelaide. BusTech Group is part of the Fusion Mobility division that includes Brabham Automotive and Swagman.

Where are Bustech Group’s facilities?

BusTech Group has established facilities in South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania, with a skilled workforce delivering the highest-quality buses, built to specification.

Do you manufacture any products overseas?

No, all of our products are manufactured in our facilities in Australia, and are proven in Australian operating conditions.

What powertrain options does Bustech Group offer?

BusTech Group is agnostic to powertrain. We manufacture diesel, hybrid, full electric and hydrogen buses.

Does Bustech Group manufacture its own chassis?

Yes, BusTech has its own integrated body and chassis but also manufactures its bodies with other OEM chassis such as Scania, Volvo, Mercedes and MAN.

How important is quality?

BusTech Group employs best-practice risk mitigation strategies to ensure the timely delivery of quality buses.

Is Bustech Group ISO certified?

Yes. Bustech Group is certified under ISO-4801, ISO-14001 and ISO-9001.

How does Bustech Group work with customers?

We work with our customers in a collaborative manner, partnering with our customers to drive technology and innovation that focuses on the alignment of new technology to delivering on customers’ strategic plans.

Can products be designed to customers' bespoke requirements?

Yes. Subject to meeting mandated government specifications and requirements, and complying with ADR and DDA regulations, we work with customers to make our products bespoke to their needs. We have in-house industrial designers who can work with customers in a collaborative manner to deliver unique exterior and interior design features and functionality.

How do you engage local communities and suppliers?

BusTech Group has created a manufacturing model that delivers unmatched local employment opportunities, creating a local supplier base and additional economic benefit over and above state-based government minimum requirements.

Does Bustech Group have an established Apprentice Program?

Yes, BusTech Group has an established apprentice program that includes the utilisation of both the Defence and private sectors, and includes the provision of an ongoing outplace placement for Defence veterans.

What does the future look like?

BusTech Group continuously invests in R&D, developing new and emerging driveline technologies in addition to optimising customer comfort and improving customer and driver experiences through advancement in connected technology solutions. BusTech Group wants to take a leadership position, creating innovative connected mobility solutions that can meet future technology demands and will lead to high-value industries in Australia.