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We provide integrated transit solutions that enable the next generation of zero emission connected vehicles and infrastructure

Our Vision

To enable the next generation of connected transit

Our Purpose

Creating a more sustainable environment and economy through the deployment of zero emission vehicles

Our Personality

The bus company designed for a connected world

Welcome to BusTech Group


We are the Australian bus company designed for a connected world.

We work with our customers to create integrated transit solutions enabled by technology.
Because we believe that buses are the heart of a connected transit future in Australia.
A future where public transport is an active choice for all.

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Connected Buses

We are an Australian company delivering mobility solutions for a connected world. We work with our partners to create integrated transit solutions, enabled by technology. Because we believe buses are the heart of any intelligent transport network; delivering a user-centred, connected experience that makes public transport and active choice for all.

Zero Emission

We believe our changing transport needs require innovative solutions. That’s why we are pioneering the creation of a zero-emission bus future in Australia, enabling our clients to seamlessly transition to one of several decarbonised solutions.

By assisting State Governments to achieve their 2050 net zero emissions goal, this journey lowers the total cost of ownership for our clients whilst building cleaner, more connected communities for all Australians.

Advanced Manufacturing

As part of the Fusion Mobility Group we share an advanced manufacturing DNA and capabilities with sister brands Brabham Automotive Swagman and XYZ.

Based in Queensland, South Australia and with new ‘micro factories’ opening in NSW and Victoria, we are Australia’s largest independent bus manufacturer, with over X000 vehicles currently on road and a capacity to design and build over 500 new vehicles annually in Australia.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

At BusTech Group we believe that manufacturers must find new ways to help their customers grow without simply consuming greater quantities of our finite natural resources. That’s why we focus on how our buses can contribute to the Circular Economy, where value creation is redefined to include the best environmental, social and economic outcomes for our customers and our communities.

We call this Life Cycle Design and take a ‘cradle to grave’ approach when making design, material, manufacturing and partnership decisions across the life cycle of our buses.

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Zero-emission Mass Transport Technologies

Improve Local Air Quality and Health Outcomes by Eliminating Harmful Emissions

Eliminate Carbon Emissions from Our Roads

Sustainable Architecture

Most Efficient Integrated Technology Platform

User-Centric Design to Sustain 25-year Duty Cycle & End of Life Recycling

Sustainable Material Use and Value-creation though Circular Economy

Supporting Australian Economic
Recovery & Growth

Stimulate Local Supply Chains and Minimise Logistics Carbon Emissions

Equal Opportunity for Employment

Create Next Generation Jobs

Growth Through Efficiency

Deliver Operational Growth through Efficiency Improvement Targets

Sustainable Procurement

Heathy & Safe Workplace

Connect with Our Communities Needs

Support Homelessness Charities

Support White Ribbon Australia

Build Youth Resilience Though Sport & Support Disadvantaged Children

Partner with Veteran and Disability Support Organisations

Innovation by Design

Putting buses at the hart of a connected world

Our philosophy is to strive for continued optimised design efficiency. This is considered in vehicle architecture, product services along with features, and the continued evaluation of business model efficiency.

We believe that the mass transit industry is at the start of a transition phase not only in zero emission products but also in the experiential expectations of patrons and service providers.

As we move to enabled smart cities our products will play its role in a connected environment supporting both product utility and efficiency and service delivery satisfaction. Our role is to deliver sustainable products which mitigate the environmental impact in manufacture, operation and end of lifecycle.

Industry Leading Sovereign Capability

We are a 100% Australian owned and operated business and all our buses are manufactured in Australia. Moreover, with over 95% Australian supplied components and material, BusTech Group is proud to create and support significant employment opportunities for Australians in design, engineering, research and manufacturing.