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Integrated mobility solutions enabled by technology

Our customers include private operators, local and state governments, mining companies, charities and not-for profits, private charter businesses and private businesses looking for bespoke solutions to meet their specific requirements.

We are agnostic to powertrain and manufacturing methodology. From diesel to electric to hydrogen and either manufacturing a body on the chosen chassis or providing our own proprietary integrated body and chassis.

We provide flexibility through the design process, engaging customers in our technology centre such that they can create their own unique solutions, specific to their industry needs.

Mass Transit

We at the forefront of zero-emissions bus technology development, offering complete vehicle, infrastructure and energy solutions for clean diesel, battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell bus fleet deployment.


We have delivered hundreds of school buses to customers across Australia, helping to transport Australia’s children to school safely and efficiently. We can provide zero-emissions technology school buses, as well as diesel school buses that can be easily converted to zero-emissions technology in the future.

Integrated Solutions

As the mass mobility sector evolves, we provide a complete suite of vehicle designs, drive train variants and ownership solutions to deliver integrated transit solutions that meet fleet requirement in all states and territories across Australia, and internationally.


We provide mining and resources workforce transport solutions that meet the strictest design and specification requirements, ensuring compliance with all safety and workforce comfort and feature requirements. As the mining and resources sector strives to meet its carbon emissions and environmental footprint goals and obligations, BusTech Group can assist by providing zero-emissions technology solutions for all workforce transport requirements.


We offer tailored designs to suit all tourism sector service requirements, including long-distance coaches through to local tour bus services. With in-house design and engineering services we work with our customers to meet the specific requirements of tourism operators and deliver the best possible experience for their passengers.

Specialist Vehicles

We work with private businesses, charities and not-for-profits to create fit for purposes tailored designs to suit all use requirements, including unique coaches with bespoke interiors through to medical buses delivering care to remote communities. With in-house design and engineering services we work with our customers to meet their specific requirements and deliver fit for purpose solutions.